Please read T&C’s below before bidding.

  1. You can view all the items that are offered for auction, however, to bid on items you must first register with your credit or debit card details, email address, postal address, phone number, your name and username.
  2. Registration security fee is €1
  3. By signing up to Holmestead Auctions website you agree to have your email address saved for future auction updates or important notices.
  5. If your winning bid is accepted, the payment will automatically be taken and cleared within 24 hours from confirmation email issued.
  6. Holmestead Saddlery Ltd reserves right to offer products to the underbidder


  1. 5-minute rule.
    If a bid is placed within 5 minutes of the closing time, the closing time will be extended with 5 minutes. This process will repeat itself with any bid within the last 5 minutes of the new closing time. It does not matter when the bid is placed within those 5 minutes

For example, You bid at 9.00 am, so rival can bid until 9.06am, then you also can bid in 5 mins until there’s 5 min with no bids.

  1. There is no reserve price!
  2. Each item has a minimum bid which it will be started at.
  3. Bids cannot include cents.
  4. Winning bidders will be emailed a confirmation invoice  of totals including  shipping one hour after the auction has closed.
  5. To allow 5 minute rule and combined shipping process, please allow up to one hour before you receive an email.
  6.  Winning bids can be viewed in your account (auctions section) immediately after the auction has ended.
  7. Holmestead’s decision on disputes is final and binding on all bidders and we reserve the right to bar/ block individuals.


  1. Shipping charges are taken automatically.
  2.  The goods will be shipped within two working days after payment is received.
  3. ROI shipping for all items won on the same day only €6
  4. NI or UK €7,95 . Other countries at a cost.
  5. You must ensure your shipping address is up to date and all fields are filled in correctly.
  6. No return/ exchange on auction goods . Unless description in error or listing.


The above wording is copyright of Holmestead Saddldlery Ltd.